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 In life, there will be good days, and there will be hard and tiring days, and sad days,

there will be bad days. but we have to do through it well wisely.    wisely... Wisely...

to handle situations Wisley, we must have wisdom. 

what is wisdom? How can we get wisdom?

When I was little, my best friend lived near my house. and he lived his grandparents.

One day my friend came to me crying. As his grandparents arguing an hour 

So we went to his house, we were standing outside the window, but we could hear them talking.

Grandpa got angry and he said "we lived together for too long. let's break up"

Grandmom said "Oh my gosh! are you sure? I thought several times like that.

thanks, you every day do this, don't do that, you made me too tired."

Then grandpa the more angry. he said, " Take all of yours and go way right now."

Then grandmom said, " don't worry, that's no problem."

and she took a big box and put in the center of living room. and she spoke 

" Hey old baby come here and get in the box. " What??? "

you said took mine everything, so you are mine too I will take you." grandpa???????

Finally, it's over, grandmom won. This is wisdom.

Cannot buy at any shopping mall, cannot get from anywhere, cannot learn at school.

But she had the best teacher in world. it was experience. a lot....

Don't be afraid of new experience, do not hesitate, success or unsuccess is your experience.

A while maintaining a healthy mind and healthy body, do not forget the beginner mind.

it will build up quietly and slowly


                           02.20.2022   missionally of Buddhism  

                                                           Shang won

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